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is a consulting and software development company providing services, solutions and knowhow to public and private companies as well as NGOs. We help accelerate implementation of ideas into the IT landscape of our customers either by modifying, customising and/or integrating existing systems or by providing new solutions. Our business consists of 4 legs:

Professional Services

Professional Services

We offer professional services on a number of different systems including but not limited to Microsoft Business Intelligence stack, Zap BI, IBM SPSS products, UNICOM Intelligence and of course on all custom developed solutions and modules delivered by us.

Software Development

Software Development

Though we very much endorse the use of standard software solutions to facilitate business needs, we also realise that some needs cannot be met in a satisfying way with standard solutions available. We then develop a custom solution for you and integrate it with the rest of your systems and platforms.



has developed an eHealth platform which helps hospitals monitor patients with chronical diseases. It is also suitable for medical trials. Laboratory results of blood, stool etc. is combined with patient questionnaire answers to continuously evaluate the patients disease patterns and activity for better treatment and faster reaction to disease relaps or remission.



We have close to two decades of expertise in training and currently offer trainng in IBM SPSS Statistics, UNICOM Intelligence (former IBM SPSS Data Collection), Zap BI and any customised or custom developed solutions from . We take requests on training of other systems too.


Our customer base is extremely loyal - as are we to our customers. We are diversified into almost all industries and verticals, private and public. Throughout the years we have provided services and solutions to among others the Danish Social Ministry, Novo Nordisk A/S, local municipalities, hospitals and several market research companies.

North Zealand Hospitals

eHealth solution

At North Zealand Hospitals we have provided several eHealth solutions for patients with Morbus Crohn and Colitis Ulcetrosa diseases. The solutions are developed in tight collaboration with nurses, doctors and professors connected to the hospitals. It helps both patients, doctors and nurses take quick action when a disease pattern or activity change, which has resulted in decreased costs of medical treatment and better patient health and quality of life.

PR Electronics A/S

Business Intelligence

has been helping PR Electronics maintain and develop their analytics and reporting capabilities using Business Intelligence tools from Zap BI and from the Microsoft Business Intelligence stack. We have also been responsible for training PR Electronics employees in the use of BI tools as well as we have delivered customised monitoring and error reporting tools for their BI front-end with automatic error correcting capabilities.

Børns Vilkår

Data Collection and Integration

Børns Vilkår is a political independent organisation dedicated to helping children in Denmark and improving their conditions. Their main activity is counselling of children and parents through phone, chat, text and mail. has provided consulting and customisation of their data collection system used for gathering data from counselling communication as well as providing integration components to other IT systems such as their call center.


We have delivered a wide range of custom software products and professional services to our customers over the years, but we do pride ourselves of being among world leaders in 3 specific areas.

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